Free Introduction to Photoshop Webinar

August 12, 2020.

Join me on Coz’n Linda’s Happiness Hour with other creatives from across the country to unlock the power of Photoshop’s core building blocks. I will be focusing on understanding the concepts of Layers, Selections and Masks as well as using the three together in a non destructive workflow to make highly selective adjustments to your images.

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Linda presents a weekly 1 hour Zoom webinar featuring different inspiring and creative guests each week sharing their passion and expertise. I am proud to be joining the list of presenters soon and welcome you to check out the full list of upcoming topics.

Greetings, I am Jon Fischer, a Nature and Landscape Photographer based in North Texas with a portfolio stretching from New Zealand to to New Mexico and countless beautiful places in between. The natural world is more than just the subject of my photography, but a place that I seek to surround myself with as often as I can, and hope that I can inspire you to visit, admire and have a greater appreciation for as well.

I welcome you to browse my latest galleries, including work from the American Southwest, the always awe inspiring Pacific Northwest, as well as locations you might not think of first for their beauty. ‘Where Nature and Art Meet’ is more than just a tag line for me, it is a mission statement to seek out the world in it’s most artistic forms, and capture them with an artist’s eye and touch.

Here on Fischer Photography, you will find more than just galleries of my favorite and best work from across the globe, but also many resources for photographers of every level who are looking to grow themselves and improve their own work. I post both general post processing and field work guides and tutorials, as well as a series I call ‘Show and Tell‘ which focuses on a single image of mine, detailing how and why the image was captured as well as details on the editing that created the final image. Beyond the website, I offer one-on-one tutorials (currently limited to online only due to COVID-19 travel restrictions until further notice), and hope to offer more small group workshops in the near future.

Please remember to subscribe to updates here on the website, as I have a number of new and exciting projects underway that I hope to be announcing soon.

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