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A true test of how far I have progressed in my own photography will be measured by how well I can give back to the community which supported me and has certainly let me grow in my own skills over the last four years. I hope the information found within these articles helps you more forward in our own projects and photo shoots. If you have any suggestions for topics, shoot me an email.


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As part of the 2016 Re-imagining of my website here at jonpfischer.com, and with my goals and plans for photography, I have restructured my pricing for photographic prints and will soon be publishing a set list of prices for online licence use as well.


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I first picked up a DSLR camera in the early winter months of 2012 for a very simple reason, I get myself away from the computer more and out in nature, or at least in fresh air, more.  Little did I know that it would ignite a small ember, which would soon grow into a steady fire – a fire for travel and exploring the world around me.  Before I knew what was happening, it hit, and it hit hard.

– – Wanderlust – –

Since those early days of being content with a long weekend excursion to the far away lands of Mineral Wells Texas I have steadily ventured further from home, finding yet more beauty and awe inspiring views both large and small.  From the majestic and raw peaks of the Grand Teton range in Wyoming to the turquoise waters of the British Virgin Islands or to places in my home state of Texas which I had not yet explored, I am slowly checking off the list of places I want to see and photograph.  Of course, between these grand adventures I’m always in search of new hidden away gems and breathtaking places to explore – so my list rarely truly gets any shorter.

My hope is by sharing some of my adventures, showing you some of the places I have found both close to home and within the ever growing reaches of my travels I might be able to ignite that same small spark.  The world is a big and endlessly beautiful place.  And while I strive each day to make my photos reflect that beauty in ever more striking and beautiful ways – it will always only be a reflection of the true authentic beauty of the world.  To stand on the shores of Trillium Lake with Mt. Hood rising towards the heaves before me, to stare up at the night sky at Ft. Griffin State Historic Site in central Texas and see the Milky Way arching over head, or kneeling next to a delicate flower on a hiking path in Arkansas – these place and sights connect me to the world like nothing else I have ever experienced.

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