The dust has (mostly) settled around these parts.

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The first phase in the major revamp of the site is more or less complete. New articles are in the works, and my goal is to have something new published on the site every 7-14 days with a mix of Travel, Tutorials, Show & Tell and short Tips & Tricks posts making up the majority of the new content.

I was overwhelmed by the huge success of my most recently published article, my tutorial on Lightroom Import and Organization.  That response alone has made the work put into getting the site backup to date worth the effect.  I have also updated my prints pricing structure and information, and will soon be publishing new information on image licensing structure.

Still on the list for items that need to be worked on, I am still working on figuring out what I want to do about a portfolio / gallery page of my latest work.  This of course is a photography site and finding the best way to feature my best and latest work has taken longer than I’d expected.  I’m still narrowing down options between a couple of choices and hope to have something put together soon.  Till then, and always, you can find my latest work on my Facebook photography page.

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