First Congregational Church Los Angeles

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In April my wife and I traveled to Los Angeles for one of her cousin’s wedding.  The wedding was held in a beautiful old church with a magnificent pipe organ.  I’d opted not to bring my DSLR on the trip, a decision I regretted quite quickly after getting a look at the beautiful church.  I did however have my small Canon S90 point and shoot camera in hand, which promptly told me that it was nearly empty of battery.  Bad photographer I know.

Thankfully I was able to carefully choose what shots I wanted to spend precious battery life on, it was almost like having a film camera again, and came home with a few wonderful shots from the church.  I knew that their wedding photographer would take care of the usual wedding photos, and anyone who’s looked around this site for any length of time will know I’m not a portrait photographer, so I opted to focus on the venue and scenes such as the above.

pipe organ

And above is a view of part, yes part, of that pipe organ I mentioned.  Twenty thousand, yes that was twenty THOUSAND pipes make up this organ.  And make no mistake, when it wants to be heard, it is heard.  I am extremely happy with how the below wider view of the rear of the church came out, opting for a not often used, nor useful application of split toning, it works very nicely here I think.

pip organ 2


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