Dallas from the Trinity River

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In recent years, there has been a lot of efforts to revitalize the Trinity River area, with new developments, and more specifically the building of a number of new signature bridges along its length through Dallas. The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is currently the only completed bridge, and I had wanted to drive down to the Oak Cliff side of the bridge to photograph the bridge with the skyline beyond. The month of May saw historic levels of rain across most of the state of Texas, bring about a rather abrupt end to the severe drought which had gripped most of the state for the last several years. Soon, not only were the rivers and lakes refilled, but also flooding well beyond their normal capacity. The flood conditions provided a rare opportunity to photograph the bridge with its full reflection. In the several weeks while the river was over flowing its banks I took several trips down to capture the view at various times of day and weather. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Long Exposure in Profile, before the floods

Taken before the flood waters spilled beyond the normal banks of the river.  It gives you an idea of how much the water would rise along this stretch of the river.

Golden Hour Reflection of the skyline

The first day of flooding was also the calmest winds of the trips down to the river.  This was taken from along the levee just up-stream from the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.  Walk up-stream (left of the bridge if looking towards the city) about 200 yards, till the huge power lines move far enough off to the left and get smaller in the viewfinder.

Icons of the Dallas Skyline – new and old

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is the new icon of Dallas.  Reunion Tower is “the” icon of the Dallas Skyline by which it is instantly recognized.  From along the levee trail one can get the two lined up, but as you can see, some power lines also want to join the party.

Margaret Hunt Hill with Reflection – Long Exposure

110 second long exposure took the small ripples of a less than perfectly smooth river out of the photo, giving a slightly soft but well represented reflection of the bridge in the flooded river.

Blue Hour Skyline Reflections

Ensuring the mosquitoes till after sunset, you’ll be treated to a great view of the city as each towering building switches on the lights.  There is a small window of blue hour after the lights come on and before true darkness sets in.  Being in the right place at the right time will yield beautiful photos of the Dallas skyline.  Now if only I had some good clouds for a backdrop.

Sunset on the River

On this visit to the river the wind and water flow made for a less than perfect reflection, but the sky beyond the bridge and skyline more than made up for it.  Just tilted the camera up just a touch and focused on the sky instead of the river.

Moonlit Profile

Compare this photo to the first one to see how much more water there was during this visit at near the peak of the flooding.  Unfortunately water or something else had gotten to some of the lighting on the right side of the bridge, leaving only half of it illuminated.  The rising moon is hidden behind the hoop of the bridge, giving a great back-lit effect.

View my entire Dallas area album on Google+.  I also have a number of my favorites up on 500px.

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