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The PNW Chronicles – Southern Washington Coast

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If you are traveling to the Pacific Northwest, and you’ve decided to fly into Seattle because the flights are cheaper, you might as well take in a little bit of the splendor that is Washington State before hauling tail down into Oregon.  Or you could spend an entire week, or month, or likely year wandering just the endless beauty that is Washington.  The first I can help with, the second, is still just a dream for me as well.  So for the moment let’s just focus on the amazing sights …

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Show & Tell: Studio Rose Macro

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When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. However,if those lemons of life come with roses to cheer you up, you bring out the macro lens and studio lights (or at least a flash or two) and take your mind off whatever it was that brought you down in the first place and try to focus on the beauty in the flowers. Such was the situation early in December last year, and while I’ll spare you the details of why my lovely wife was compelled to bring home a dozen …

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The PNW Chronicles Vol. 2 – Prologue

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If you had asked me back when I first picked up my first DSLR camera where I was planning to take it – I wouldn’t have had a clue.  Within a few months I was taking it on my first photo trip to a state park in Mineral Wells, Texas.  The following year it followed me to Montana and Wyoming.  Then it went to the Pacific Northwest with me for the first time.  The following year it was back through Texas on a full week of exploration and adventure.  This …

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Dallas and the flooded Trinity River

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With rain in the forecast seemingly every day again lately, it might just happen that we come close to the rainfall totals here in Dallas that we experienced last year.  And with the peek of the North Texas rainy season nearly upon us, and a few minutes to kill, decided to sit down and try to quickly put together a few thoughts on where and how to capture the Dallas skyline when the Trinity River is swollen or full on flooded. Most of my visits to the levees along the …