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Long Exposure Landscapes

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Photographs have the ability to not only show the world as it is – but also show the world as it would be if the eye was infinitely adaptable and controllable. ¬†After all, that is essentially what a camera is, an eye that the photographer can control in ways to capture the world in ways well beyond what any human eye can. ¬†From capturing the Milky Way in all of its detail and beauty, or freezing the exact moment a Great Blue Heron snatches a fish from the shallows, or …

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Show and Tell: High-Key Sunflower

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High Resolution Image Sometimes I will head out with the camera for hours on end and come home with only a few decent photos to show for it, and then there are times that I’ll stop by somewhere on the way home from work, or as a quick side stop from another location and I’ll have a dozen photos that seem to just pop once they’re processed. The origins of this photo are firmly in the second category. During the summer several friends contacted me insisting I had to go …