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Fischer Photography – Winter 2019 Updates

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2019 is starting off with a bang at Fischer Photography as both the website and portfolio are getting compete revamps that are finally starting to come to completion. I’ve been working on several new series of articles for the Learning Center – from new information on Lightroom, Photoshop, Landscape photography and more. All-new ‘Show and Tell’ articles takes you behind the shot and processing of some of my favorite photos taken over the past year. I am also working on getting up to date on my Travel Log series, updating …

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Show & Tell: Downpour

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Leaving Dallas on a Sunday evening, pointing my truck to the western sky I headed out to Montague for what was planned to be an astrophotography shoot.  The skies were clear, the winds were light, nearly ideal weather for shooting the night sky.  However once I passed through Denton and left the DFW metroplex a light gray shadow appeared on the horizon. By the time I was approaching Montague the gray shadow was now an ominous monster of a storm. The original plan was to meet up with a few …

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Landscapes 101 – Beyond the pretty snapshot

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Every photography site out there seems to have one, the “How to improve your Landscape Photography” article.  Usually they have 5, or 10, or even 12 bullet points that cover the same general set of tips to taking better landscape photos.  And this is mine.  Why should you read it?  Well, for starters, you’re already here, so you might as well.  Additionally,  I’m not so far removed from ‘before I knew these tips’ that I’ll assume you already know why they are important.  I’m going to take the time to say …

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Star Trails – Astrophotography in Motion

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Photography, as they say, is about capturing a moment in time. Some moments are a fraction of a second, like a batter swinging for the fences, or a Kingfisher as it dives for its breakfast. Other moments might capture a full second of time, such as a waterfall flowing over Niagara Falls. Some moments are longer yet, such as letting light flow through the camera long enough to capture eddies in a river, or soften a raging surf into a misty fog. When you start dragging out the length of …

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Astrophotography – Seeing the Light in the Darkest Places

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I remember vividly the wonder, and the frustration, in trying to capture my first astrophotography photographs.  I was standing on the edge of the road in the middle of Yellowstone National Park, taking in the arch of the milky way as it reached overhead.  It was one of the first times in my adult life, or ever that I could recall, that I was able to see the band of stars that make up our galaxy from the general star field stretching across the sky.  The problem was, I knew …