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Show & Tell: Downpour

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Leaving Dallas on a Sunday evening, pointing my truck to the western sky I headed out to Montague for what was planned to be an astrophotography shoot.  The skies were clear, the winds were light, nearly ideal weather for shooting the night sky.  However once I passed through Denton and left the DFW metroplex a light gray shadow appeared on the horizon. By the time I was approaching Montague the gray shadow was now an ominous monster of a storm. The original plan was to meet up with a few …

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Star Trails – Astrophotography in Motion

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Photography, as they say, is about capturing a moment in time. Some moments are a fraction of a second, like a batter swinging for the fences, or a Kingfisher as it dives for its breakfast. Other moments might capture a full second of time, such as a waterfall flowing over Niagara Falls. Some moments are longer yet, such as letting light flow through the camera long enough to capture eddies in a river, or soften a raging surf into a misty fog. When you start dragging out the length of …

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The PNW Chronicles: Waterfalls (Part II)

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In the last post, Waterfalls Part I, I centered the conversation around the challenges that come with photographing the unique beauty of waterfalls.  In this part I will go into more detail on the specific waterfalls I visited during my 2014 trip to the Pacific Northwest, why I chose those falls, and information on those specific locations.  While my trip started out in Seattle, the majority of my time was spent in Oregon and that is where all the waterfalls I visited are located.  While Washington has its own share of beautiful …

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The PNW Chronicles: Waterfalls (Part I)

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The Pacific Northwest is known for many natural wonders, and its abundance of flowing, cascading, and plummeting columns of water is right near the top of that list.  Any Google query for “Waterfalls” and “Pacific Northwest” is going to come up with an endless number of photos and lists of locations and descriptions.  One such list that I used when starting to put together my itinerary was “The 100 best waterfalls of the Northwest“, also relying on print material such as “Photographing Oregon” available on Amazon.  as well as specifically …