For the follow cycling enthusiasts, just the thing to dress up your work room, office, garage, or anywhere else in the house during the winter months when the roads and weather are too foul to bring the vintage bikes out.  Introducing a new collection of my work focused on classic & vintage cycling images.  Below is a sample of my current work with plans to extend and expand the collection through the winter (when it is generally not pleasant to be outside taking landscape and nature shots).  I can resize/crop and adjust colors to some degree on most of these to help fit your decor upon request)













See the Print Sales page for details on current pricing, shipping and any specials and deals I have going on.

Currently I handle all print sales manually so that we can ensure that you get exactly the prints you want in the sizes and paper selections you want with any tweaks or modifications needed. Please get in touch with me through the Contact Page so we can discuss your order. Thank you.


Have a favorite part you want photographed for a print? Contact me for round trip shipping and I’ll do my best to capture the component/part for printing.

Not needing a cycling related print, but maybe more of a landscape or nature shot may be more your needs for some new art at the home or office? I have an extensive gallery of photography from the N. Texas area, Oregon, Montana and Wyoming to choose from.  Check out my Featured Photography here on the website or find more of my photos through the links on the Print Sales page linked above.

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