2019 Workshops

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For 2019 I will hope to offer a series of general and landscape and astrophotograhy photography workshops in the North Texas area.  Subscribe via email in the right-side menu to be notified when I have dates and subjects released!

General Photography – from learning the Exposure Triangle, semi and full auto modes of your camera, lens choices for different shooting situations and understanding the limitations of both camera and lens, a general photography workshop will put you on the fast track to being in sync between your camera and your vision for a shot.

Landscape Photography – landscapes is where it started for me, and will always be my primary passion.  From learning to work with wide and ultra wide lenses to using telephoto lenses to compress details, discover the composition skills, my aim is to help you discover how to capture the light of the natural world at its best.

Astrophotography – Landscapes not enough of a challenge to shoot using the light of our sun?  Take a step into the darkness and find how much light there still is with the stars above.  Learning to focus on the stars, composition tricks when shooting at night, light painting and more will be covered.

Can’t wait to get started? Consider a one-on-one tutorial with me this winter or spring!     Note – Astrophotography tutorials will be offered beginning late May.

One on One Tutorials

General and Landscape Photography

Just getting into the photography or want to take your landscape and nature photography to the next level?  Whatever your goals are in photography, learning one on one allows us to progress at your speed and focus on exactly what you want to learn.  By mastering the use of your camera and learning a few techniques for improved composition before your next shoot you can ensure you will come home with beautiful photos you will be proud to show off and hang in your own home.

General/Intro Photography – the first step in creating great photos is learning how to use your camera’s controls to tell it how to capture the photo the way you see it, not how it thinks you want to capture it.  We will start with ensuring a sound understanding the relation between shutter speed, aperture, ISO, the exposure triangle, and how each effects different aspects of the final image. From there we can explore more advanced topics such as your camera’s metering modes, drive modes, focus systems, shooting in RAW, differences of lens selection and design as well as setting up your camera’s advanced controls. My goal is to get you as comfortable as possible with your camera so that you can capture the world around you with your vision, whatever that vision might be.

Landscape and Nature Photography – with hands on side-by-side tutorials, learn how to see the landscape around you and choose the best lens and camera setup to capture your vision.  Master the techniques to bring depth and visual interest to any landscape.  Learn the how different focal lengths change how the scene is captured and master the ability to use natural light along with composition to take captivating and interesting landscape views.  Explore techniques such as focus stacking, exposure bracketing for HDR, setting up and taking panoramic sets, the use of Neutral Density filters for long exposure photography, when to use (and not to use) Polarizing filters, Astrophotography, in addition to improving your understanding of lens selection for different shooting situations.  Learn how to use planning tools such as Stellarium, The Photographer’s Ephemeris, HyperFocal Pro to be at the right place and the right time for your next landscape photography shoot.  My aim is to allow you to capture the world around you with your vision in the best way possible, to let you find your eye, and your style.

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Post Processing Tutorials

Available in person within the Dallas area as well as via Skype from anywhere in the world, I can help you improve your corrective and creative post processing workflow to get the most out of your photography.  Just like with my photography tutorials, we work at your pace, and on the topics that you want to improve on.

General Editing – starting with understanding exposure, contrast and saturation adjustments common to almost any editing software.  If you have never done any sort of post processing on your photos, this is an excellent place to start learning the basics of processing so that you can understand and make full use of any processing tools available to you.

Lightroom – Improve your understanding and experience with the full stack of Adobe Lightroom tools available.  From using Lightroom as a tool for import and organization of your work to the use of presets and individual controls, Lightroom is an amazingly robust and at times overwhelming software package.  Together we will step through each piece that you want to understand so that you can get the most out of what it has to offer.

Photoshop – Want to explore the endless tools and creative possibilities in Photoshop?  We will explore the different types of layers and adjustments, layer masks, luminosity masks, how to harness the power of channels, and more.  The goal is to give you the knowledge about the tools available and how to use them to harness the power of Photoshop to achieve your photographic vision.

Nik Collection by Google – one of the best free plugin sets available, I have extensive knowledge of these tools which can greatly improve both the speed and creative freedom in your post processing workflow. I use both Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 and Color Efex Pro 4 extensively in my own work flow and can help you harness the power of these tools for your own.

Putting it all together, we will focus on learning advanced editing techniques for astrophotography, long exposure photography, manual blending of multiple exposures for truly natural looking High Dynamic Range photography (aka HDR).  While I have a focus on landscape and nature photography, many of the tools have an amazing amount of cross-over into any subject of photography.

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