A selection of my photography formatted for use on wide-screen computer monitors.  I will be rotating out the selections from time to time, so do check back to see the latest photos available.  If you like what you see and enjoy my work, please consider using the Donate button below to contribute to this site and my continued photography work.  Thank you!



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Evening Primroses – Oak Point Nature Preserve, Plano Texas (included in Texas Skies themepack)

Ominous Skies – Parker, Texas (included in Texas Skies themepack)

Barbed wire silhouette – Parker, Texas (included in Texas Skies themepack)

Big sky sunrise – Plano, Texas (included in Texas Skies themepack)

Mid morning mood – Oak Point Nature Preserve, Plano Texas (included in Texas Skies themepack)

Idaho Barn – Teton County Idaho (Big Sky Country & Less on the Left themepacks)

Bozeman, Montana  (Big Sky Country themepack)

Foggy morning on the Yellowstone River  (Big Sky Country themepack)

Mt. Moran – Grand Teton National Park  (Big Sky Country themepack)

NEW – Sunflower Profile (Less on the Left & Nature’s Details themepack)

NEW – Autumn Color (Less on the Left & Nature’s Details themepack)

NEW – Forest flower (Nature’s Details themepack)

NEW – Hues of blue (Nature’s Details themepack)

NEW – Scissor-tailed Flycatcher on a wire (Less on the Left themepack)

NEW – Hagerman Sunrise (Less on the Left themepack)

NEW – EMP Museum, Seattle WA (Less on the Left themepack)

NEW – Shores of the Puget Sound (Less on the Left themepack)



Windows Theme Packs

To install a themepack, simply download the file and open.  Windows should do the rest.  These should be set to rotate every 15 or 30 minutes, but you can modify that to your liking once installed.

1) Texas Skies Themepack – 30+ photos of big dramatic and beautiful Texas landscapes.

2) Big Sky Country (complete) – 48 photos, 85MB download

3) Big Sky Country (limited set) – 31 photos, 52MB download

4) Monochrome Collection – 40 Black & White / Monochrome, 31MB download

5) “Less on the Left” Collection – 65 Photos with more or less empty left hand edges for desktop icons, 50MB download

6) “Nature’s Details” Collection – 40 Photos showing the beauty of nature on a smaller scale, 47MB download