Greetings, I am Jon Fischer, a Nature and Landscape Photographer based in North Texas with a portfolio stretching from New Zealand to New Mexico and countless beautiful places in between. The natural world is more than just the subject of my photography, but a place that I seek to surround myself with as often as I can, and hope that I can inspire you to visit, admire and have a greater appreciation for as well.

My journey in photography started as a kid with a manual ‘110’ style film camera, dangling precariously around my wrist as I ran through the forests of East Texas, or sliding across the seat of the small aluminum boat I had on the lake where we spent summers and weekends growing up; but it would not be until early 2012 that photography became a much larger part of my life as I rediscovered the love for the outdoors and nature that had been lost in my 20s. Searching for a new creative outlet, I borrowed a Canon Rebel XS from a coworker for the weekend and I was immediately reconnected with the wonder of discovery and love of nature that I was seeking. It is those two emotions that drive my work; to inspire others to discover it not only in my photos but in the natural world for themselves.

The love and drive that came with rediscovering photography and nature has taken me to places and moments that I would never have otherwise been there to experience. From the many early mornings, driving through darkness with the promise of a new day and the beauty that a sunrise brings with it, to the once in a life time moments of a solar eclipse over the coastal range of the Pacific Northwest, the experience has always been as special as any images that result from it.

The mission statement for this site, and indeed in everything that I do as a photographer is ‘Where Nature and Art meet’. For me this is more than a witty tag line, but a way of approaching photography as a whole. Each image is equal parts nature and art, so that the nature is never over powered, yet can be shown with all of the emotion that being in the landscape at that moment can possibly convey. Art is a creative process, which in itself is combination of both the technical aspect of producing the piece and creative and imaginative element that embodies the emotion and feeling that the piece strives to evoke. I believe that for an image to be successful all of these need be in harmony, and in that way nature and art can meet.