Licence Options

I strive to tell a story with each photography I take.  Expressing either the beauty of a brilliant sunrise, the joy in exploring a back country road, or taking in the sights and sounds of the city.  The end goal is the same, to inspire those who view my images, to stir an emotion within their soul or a thought within their mind.  If your goal is the same, to inspire your current or potential customers, put my hard work to work for you.

Existing Images

While I am primarily a landscape and nature photographer, I take photos of nearly everything and anything during my travels.  I have a huge archive of photographs that can be hand picked and tailored to your needs and goals.  From the Dallas skyline, to the beaches of Mexico, the mountains of Montana and coast of California.  There is macro nature work and grand landscapes, and abstract artistic pieces.  Contact me with your vision and I’ll do my absolute best to connect your vision with my creation.

New Projects

Have a new photographic project that needs to be realized?  I am open to discussing all sorts of new endeavors and projects.  From product shots, location shoots, and portrait work; bring me your vision and let us work together to craft it into reality.

  • Social Media

    Social and digital media is everywhere, and it’s the perfect first step in getting your brand and name in the front of hundreds and thousands of people quickly and effectively. It is also a realm where making an impact with your first impression matters. If your photo needs only reside within the social arena, a social media limited licence can be arranged at a very reasonable cost starting at $20 per image for Web sized files (minimum 1200px long edge).

  • Standard

    From your website to brochures to print media, a standard use licence agreement will give you use of the selected images in a wide range of forms. Each licence agreement is tailored to your specific needs and budget, putting the power in your hands to realize the vision you have for your brand. This includes custom editing for one-off versions to best fit your needs. All files will be delivered at full resolution unless otherwise agreed.

  • Exclusive

    Be it from a contracted shoot or a photo deep within my archives, exclusive licence rights can be arranged for photos that need to be seen only through the scope of your message. As with the standard licence option, custom processing work to fit your color scheme and needs is well within the scope of an exclusive use licence agreement.


Because your needs are unique, and every situation is different, each licence will in turn be fitted to your goals and needs.  Social Media licences for existing photos start at $20 per image, allowing use on new Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media posts for a period of 6 months.

Standard and Exclusive licences will be priced dependent on the scope of the images use and the duration for which they are needed.  There is little need for you to pay for more use than what you need, opening up more of your budget to reach more customers and in turn further your business goals. Single image standard licences start in the range of $200. Multi-image packages or special use agreements can and will alter the final per-image use fee.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your needs and vision and how we can work together to meet those goals.

Personal Use

Read through all of that and asking yourself – but I just want to use it for my computer background!  First, check out the Wallpapers and Themepacks page to see if I might already have your favorite image available for free personal use (this means no uploading it else where!)  If not, drop me a line and we’ll work something out.