Direct from my portfolio to your wall, with through my online store you can bring a piece of nature’s beauty or inspired travel destinations into your home.  Scan through some of my most recent and all time favorites before selecting from one of the galleries to explore my finest fine art photography images.

Gallery: Landscapes
Gallery: Nature
Gallery: Travel
Gallery: Cityscapes

Custom Prints

Can’t find just the right image in the galleries above?  My online Portfolio galleries hold but a small taste of my photography work.  I have many additional photos of excellent quality, I am confident one of them will be the right fit for your home or office space.  I have several additional online galleries with a wider selection of my work that might hold that perfect selection.  I welcome you to browse through the options there and contact me for direct custom print ordering.

  • Lustre

    The standard type paper I recommend for most photos. From grand landscapes and colorful sunrises to detailed macro photos, very few photos don’t look great printed on this classic option. This semi-gloss paper looks great in most framing situations, especially when opting not to use any mats.

  • Metallic Paper

    This paper option creates a high-contrast look where the colors have a metallic sheen to them when light hits it. A fantastic option for both monochrome photos for a punchy look, but also color photos of automobiles, landscapes and much more. When framing, putting a little space between the print and glass by using a mat is necessary.

  • High Gloss

    Big bold colors and excellent detail and clarity, an excellent choice for colorful macro photography, portraits and more. As with Metallic paper, it is a good idea to ensure a little gap between these prints and glass.

  • Metal Prints

    Looking for a sleek modern look without the traditional framing presentation? Printing directly on aluminum sheet might be the answer. Contact me for more information on this printing option to ensure I can provide the best product and the most recent pricing.

  • Mounting

    Many prints, especially large sizes over 20 inches benefit greatly from being mounted on a backing board of some sort. Options range from single weight mat board to gatorboard or even bamboo plank for a frameless presentation. Pricing for mounting can be quoted once a print size is decided.

  • Framing & More

    Many more custom options exist for how your print will be shipped to you. From choices such as canvas gallery blocks to having the custom framing handled by Fischer Photography before it is shipped, we can work together to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Standard Sizes
Lustre/Gloss Metallic Metal
8×10 $30.00 $32.00 $60.00
8×12 $30.00 $32.00 N/A
11×14 $40.00 $43.00 $80.00
11×17 $45.00 $50.00 N/A
16×20 $70.00 $75.00 $150.00
16×24 $80.00 $87.00 $220.00
20×24 $85.00 $90.00 $250.00
24×30 $95.00 $100.00 $340.00
Additional Sizes

Not all photos can be re-sized to all print sizes. Or at least, they will not look nearly as good in some sizes as they will in others. In situations where either the photo, or your space, do not fit within the confines of these standard sizes, there are numerous additional sizes available. In situations where the photo will be custom framed with a mat, the sky is quite nearly the limit as to what size the printed image can be. I recently had a photo framed for a customer which ended up being a very odd 12.5×24. We simply had the photo printed at the nearest larger size and the framing took care of the rest.

I’m still working on a way to display what sizing works best for each photo in my galleries, so until then if you have any questions on what size a desired print will look best in I am more than happy to assist you. This is also what all print orders include the step of client approval for the final crop before an invoice is sent and the order sent for printing.

Shipping & Handling – Ordering multiple prints

To greatly simplify the pricing of my photographic prints, I am including the cost of standard shipping in the stated pricing. Some special requests such as mounting options and the largest sizes of Metal prints may require minor additional costs to cover shipping and handling for these items.

A 10% discount is available to anyone ordering multiple prints of the same type in a single order.

In Stock Prints

In addition to my online portfolios, I keep a limited set of my favorite photos in physical print form.  Unfortunately I do not have nearly as much wall space in my home to display all of them, most are kept in a display portfolio and are all available for immediate sale and shipment.  Most are 11×14 in size and on either lustre or metallic paper, though I have a small number of smaller 8×10 and larger 16×20 sized prints on hand.

Because a number of these prints are from my older inventory of work, I have offering a significant number of them at a deep discount from my standard pricing.  Do note that all prices shown do NOT include Shipping & Handling.

Current Print Inventory– last updated 4/23/2016

I try to keep the album up to date as much as possible, but even if a print does sell, I can order another with about a 5 day turn around.


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